Boys Varsity Track Roster

Daniel Arellano     Jr.       Distance 1600m, 3200m

Ja’Ray Barnes      Sr.         Sprints/Hurdles/ Relays

Malik Barnes       Sr.         Sprints /Relays/ Field -Events

Charles Beckworth    Sr.         Sprints/ Relays

Camdyn Brooks   Sr.          Sprints/ Relays

Aidan Brown       Sr.          Distance/Field-Events

Matthew Caldwell  So.          Field-Events

Michael Carmona  Jr.            Field Events (Throws)

Jeremiah Cash     Sr.           Field-Events (Throws)

Terril Curtis         Jr.           Sprints/Relays

Myles Curry         Jr.           Sprints/Relays

Myles Curry       Jr.           Sprints/Relays

Jonathan Galleno    Sr.           Sprints/Relays/Field -Events

Elijah Jackson          Sr.           Sprints/Relays

Jermond Knight      Jr.            Sprints/Relays

Rashad Lago            Jr.            Field-Events

Malik Lewis             Sr.            Sprints Field-Events

Jeremiah Mosley    Sr.           Field -Events

Jamari Seals            Jr.           Sprints/Relays

Nathan Thomas      So.          Sprints/Relays

Anniston Williams  Sr.           Field Events

Justin Williams       Sr.           Distance

Boys JR Varsity Track Roster

Rahiem Wiley       Soph.   Sprints/Relays

Tyland Neal           Soph.   Sprints/Relays

Sebastian Rodriguez    Soph.   Sprints/Relays

Ryan Tran             Soph.  Sprints/Relays

Jau’kin Kirtz         Soph.  Sprints/Relays

Khari Leary           Soph.  Sprints/Relays

Adan Melesio       Soph. Distance

Brandon Mathis   Jr.        Relays/Distance (800)

Samuel Vasquez   Soph.  Sprints/ Relays

Nicolas Flores      Jr.       Sprints/Relays

Adam Segovia       Soph. Distance/ Relays

Winston Kibbles     Fr.      Sprints/Relays

Harrison Mass        Fr.      Sprints/Relays

Rodney Saboteur    Fr.      Relays/Fields

Nick Esteves            Fr.     Relays

Keeton Hearn          Fr.    Sprints/Relays

Jacoby Harmon      Fr.    Sprints/Relays

Jalen King               Fr.    Sprints Relays

Khristian Turner   Fr.    Field -Events


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