Cyfair Federal Credit Union – Support Your Team.
Get a Spirit Debit Card and earn donations with each transaction!

Important Notes:

    School Spirit Debit Card Holders must notify a Cy-Fair FCU representative of which Booster Club they wish to support, otherwise it simply defaults to the Athletic Booster Club.
  • A Cy-Fair FCU checking account is required to have and use the School Spirit Debit Cards.
    • To be eligible to open a checking account, the individual must establish membership with the Credit Union by opening a Savings Account (called a Share Account) with a minimum of $5 deposited into the Savings Account at opening.
  • These cards are NOT Credit Cards.
    • They are Debit Cards, regardless if you run the card as “debit” or “credit”.
    • This means there must be funds in the card holder’s checking account to be able to use the card.
  • Anyone 16 or older may open a checking account with one of these debit cards.
    • Anyone under the age of 18 must have a Parent or Guardian present to open a checking account.
    • Normal Membership and Checking Account Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Donations are generated when the card is used as a Signature-Based Transaction on purchases of $5 or more.
    • Please note that donations are NOT generated from “PIN” based transactions (when you run as debit and use your PIN number to complete the transaction).
    • The card holders should be encouraged to remember to select the option (eg – run as “credit”) that does not require a PIN number to complete the transaction.
  • The donation amount is $0.12 donated from every signature-based transaction of $5 or more.
    • This may not sound like much, but it can add up quickly.
      • This program has generated over $65,000 in donations for booster clubs.
      • The more people using these cards more frequently, the faster the funds build up.
    • Donations may be paid either bi-yearly or 1x per year, depending on how quickly funds build up.


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